Fun Facts

A little bit of history!

Fun Fact 1

The main building of the Cafe started out as a Methodist Church, which then became a Uniting Church. The church was moved to its current location in 1922 from Eatons Crossing Road. The floor boards are original.

Fun Fact 2

The name of the Cafe was inspired by The Flying Nun TV show which ran from 1967—1970.


Fun Fact 3

The roof of the building in the middle of the Cafe which we call “The Nun” is a double hyperboloid which coincidentally looks like the Flying Nun’s hat.


Fun Fact 4

“The Nun” was originally commissioned by the Brisbane City Council as a movable shelter for funerals at Mt Gravatt Cemetery.


Fun Fact 5

These stained glassed windows are all hand made.


Fun Fact 6

The phone box at the front of the Cafe was brought over from London and restored.


Fun Fact 7

Check out our collection of Nuns on the shelf behind the main counter.

Fun Fact 8

In the entrance into the main Cafe building is an antique confessional from India which is over 100 years old.


Fun Fact 9

All the doors of the “The Nun” building came from a church which was demolished in NSW.